Work hard produce energy hard

Sometimes good things are very close. Like producing your own energy. How? It’s easy. Let us introduce you to the subject of decentralised energy production. Not only will you be fully in line with the latest energy efficiency trends, you will also have a positive impact on the environment, for future generations and on our planet.

Why generate decentral energy?

Efficieny is key. By generating energy yourself, you will heat more efficiently and produce green electricity for both your work place and Luxembourg. Generate energy yourself and thus reduce the negative impact of your energy consumption on the environment. As a result, you will help to reduce the share of fossil fuels in the energy mix.

Start your project

Get some help with the planning and implementation of your own energy production. Professional analysis and detailed support are essential.

We recommend working with an expert in energy production. Hence, you will find the perfect way to generate energy for your work place.

Benefit from funding opportunities and technical know-how

Applying for funding is an important step in your energy production project. We want to see you succeed in your project and grant premiums for a multitude of projects and measures. enoprimes is our program to support your energy-efficient renovation. With the fonds nova naturstroum we grant premiums for your new construction projects linked to renewable energies.

As with the planning and realization of the project itself, consultation is the key here as well. Get yourself some expert advice for producing energy in your office, doctor’s office, place of production or sales room and join us in stepping into the renewable energy future.