Smart meter in Luxembourg 

As of the 1st July 2016, smart meters, the new intelligent electricity and gas meters, are being installed all over Luxembourg. The government prescribed the introduction of the new meters to enable the energy transition in Luxembourg.

What is a smart meter?

A smart meter is an intelligent meter that precisely measures energy consumption and energy production, in case you use a photovoltaic system, for example. Thanks to this intelligent meter, the grid operator is able to understand energy consumption and to manage the flow of electricity.

By whom are the smart meters installed?

Creos, any other grid operator or a contractual partner thereof will replace your electricity or gas meter by a new smart meter. By 2020, they will replace 250.000 electricity meters and 45.000 gas meters. This means an average of 2.000 meters per week. Due to this large amount, Creos and the other grid operators contract partner companies to roll out the meters.