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The real green electricity

Our base rate is 100% green

naturstroum is our customer’s favourite. As an independent institute certifies our electricity, our customers know that they use genuine green electricity.

Thanks to naturstroum, since 2011, all of our customers have enjoyed using green electricity. Since then, we have been supplying each individual private customer with 100% green energy. With our basic tariff, you provide your family and your home with renewable energy produced in Europe.

Details of your naturstroum home simulation

Energy price:
Monthly premium:
Connect discount:
- 30.00
Network usage fees:
Monthly network access fee:
Compensation mechanism:
Tax on consumption:
Total excl. VAT:
VAT 8%:
Total incl. VAT:

*Price calculated with the connect discount for a consumption of 4000 kWh/year as of 19/07/2024.

Calculate your personal cost

Enter your consumption here and find a cost adjusted to your consumption on the table and graph on this page.

Consumption kWh/year

How can I find out what my consumption is?

Your personalized naturstroum home offer:

854.67 €/year



Your energy invoice is split into several components: the energy price itself, the network charges and various taxes.

naturstroum is certified green electricity

We are the only energy provider in Luxembourg to put our green electricity products through its paces by an independent institute every year.

This will give you the confidence to use renewable, high quality and truly green energy for your home. TÜV certifies the renewable and local origins of our naturstroum. We regularly monitor our green electricity, which is why naturstroum always remains sustainable.

We believe in the future

This is why we support the energy transition. Together, lets strive to save energy and opt for green electricity as our customer. We help you to lower your energy costs and consumption.

With our nova naturstroum premium rate, you can even specifically support renewable energies in Luxembourg. Find out more about our premium regional green electricity here.

Documents and forms

What is the difference with a fixed rate?

With a fixed tariff, the price of energy is constant over a defined period. This type of pricing is simple and predictable. With dynamic pricing, the price varies based on demand and market prices. This allows you to adapt your consumption to maximize use when prices are most advantageous.

What does a negative price mean and what does it imply?

A negative price means that the price per kWh is less than €0. The amount is therefore in your favor. This can happen but is still rare.

Can I switch to another product after subscribing to dynamic naturstroum?

Yes, it is possible to make the switch to naturstroum twice in 12 months.

Do I need to change my meter?

No, you keep your smart meter.

When can I subscribe to dynamic naturstroum?

You can subscribe to dynamic pricing at any time. To do this, contact our serviceline, and an agent will take care of sending you your contract. The dynamic naturstroum supply will begin on the 1st of the month following the signing of your contract.

Please note: The process of changing supplier may impact the date of the first supply in dynamic naturstroum.

Does dynamic pricing also exist for gas?

No, this pricing model only exists for electricity.

What happens if I am a self-consumer?

As a self-consumer, you have access to the dynamic rate under the same conditions as a grid-consumer customer.

Why is the professional tariff applied to “common” household usage?

“Common” residential consumption cannot be predicted – for example, lifts, lighting of corridors and cellars, which are activated at random at any time of day. This produces a higher purchase price, and thus a more expensive sales tariff.

New customer?

You are not yet an Steinergy customer but you would like to take out a contract? Follow this link.

Already a customer?

Are you already an Steinergy customer? Take all the necessary steps in your customer area.

New customer?

You are not yet an Steinergy customer but you would like to take out a contract? Follow this link.

Already a customer?

Are you already an Steinergy customer? Take all the necessary steps in your customer area.

You are a professional, find an answer to your needs.

How can I find out about my consumption?

If you have a account, you can consult the evolution and details of your consumption at any time by going to the “Consumption” tab of the customer portal.

If you do not have an account and you receive your bills in paper format, you will find information on your consumption on the second page, and on the third page the historical evolution of your consumption. This trend is also shown on the statement of account that you receive in paper format once a year.